Farm Services

Alpaca Farm Services

We offer financing for your alpaca purchases at very attractive and reasonable rates, in terms to suit your needs. Tell us what you need and we will work with you!

•Customized discounted packages designed to meet your business and personal plans.

•Discounts for booking/bundling multiple stud fees

Financing Terms

Boarding & Transportation

Many alpaca owners do not have the land to take care of their own alpacas and choose to board. At Andean Vista we offer excellent facilities and uncompromised service:

Free board for up to two months with alpaca purchase (or until cria is weaned for weanling purchases)

Breeding fees include 60 days free board for your dam and cria at side


Pricing & Terms
$4.00 per alpaca per day prepaid quarterly

$5.00 per day prepaid monthly

•Your alpacas are lovingly treated the same as our own.

•Our alpacas are all BVD tested negative and our ranch is BVD free.

•Excellent pastures for foraging plus analyzed quality grass hay with Norm Evans crumble supplements and fiber nutrient

•Monthly wormings; toenail trimmings

•Pastures secured with 4 board fence and attached woven wire all around, plus a pair of livestock guardian dogs live with the alpacas for added security

•Heated barns with electric and water in those cold winter months

•2 large run-in sheds provide shelter at all times

•Trees completely surround the pastures on three sides providing shade for their comfort

Free delivery for alpaca purchases up to 150 miles

Guarantees & Warranties

Suri cria guarantee or free rebreed.

Females sell with a reproductive guarantee to be able to carry a cria to term.

Bred females are guaranteed to produce a live cria that lives at least 10 days, or we will rebreed without charge.

Males sold as breeders are guaranteed to be able to impregnate a female by the time they reach sexual maturity.

Breeding fee includes 10 day live cria guarantee or free rebreed.

At Andean Vista Ranch, we stand behind our sales with full farm guarantees backed with fairness, honesty and integrity. We stand by the health and quality of our alpacas and want to assure your complete satisfaction and peace of mind. We deliver outstanding customer service and moreover you can count on us providing our ongoing after-sale support; after all, your alpacas were our alpacas, your success is our success!